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Alpine Foil AF 5.0 Access carbon alu V2 XLP

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Alpine Foil AF 5.0 Access carbon alu V2 XLP

Alpinefoil 5.0 ACCESS V2 (2016) (beginer to expert)

Kitefoil system:

Carbon XLP2 front wing and rear wing (matt finish) + 6061 T6 aviation Aluminium fuselage and mast. 70 microns OAS Anodization. Fuselage CNC machined on 5 Axes. GIS v2 "clippable" galvanic isolation system.

Four mounting options:

  • KF-Box (standard, compatible with Alpinefoil, F-One, Ketos boards),
  • Tuttle box (on request compatible with windsurf, windfoil, Spotz and some other boards),
  • PROBOX (on request, compatible with Sroka, Sword2 boards), or
  • 4-bolt plate (on request compatible with Liquid Force,Slingshot, Lift, Sword1, Carafino boards).
  • KF-Box carbon female box to fix into any surfboard 


NEW for 2016:

  • High-performance 95cm mast,
  • V2 fuselage shape,
  • GIS V2,
  • V2 KF boxhead,
  • XLP2 carbon wing. Includes XLP2 front wing, rear wing, fuselage, mast, all hardware and KF-Box mount.
  • compatible all existing foilboad of the market (with the Alpinefoil encastrable modular system)
  • short mast 60cm +197 euros including Vat (in option, use the head box of your mast 95 cm for the 60 cm mast or buy a second head separatly)
  • custom lenght mast on request

Price special in pack:

  • Alpinefoil AF50 Access V2 XLP2 wing + short mast 60 cm
  • Alpinefoil AF50 Access V2 XLP2 wing + GT Wing matte varnish carbon version:
  • Alpinefoil AF50 Access V2 XLP2 wing + GT Wing gloss varnish polished version:
  • Alpinefoil AF50 Access V2 XLP2 wing + Sport Wing Winglet gloss polished version:

THE ACCESS 5.0 V2, due to its  design is accessible to all the riders. The beginners will progress quickly and confidently whereas the most experimented pilots will climb the steps of podia. Alpinefoil Access 5.0 is the first hydrofoil Aluminium to have spent 30 knots equipped with the wing Sport!!! One concentrated high-technology in the service of the glide. A dévellopement based on a long experience in mechanical design, and design of hydrofoil, test in digital blower, a manufacturing CNC 5 axes, an anodisation for the use in marine environment, the use of patented technologies Alpinefoil

MCF Monobloc continuous Carbon Fiber 

VAS Variable Angle System 

RSS Reflex Stability System 

GIS Galvanic Isolator System 

An avant-gardist design, performances formidable, a total compatibility with wings Alpinefoil make of Access 5,0 V2 a hydrofoil high-end Aluminum capable of competing with the best hydrofoil carbon. Alpinefoil Access is the lightest kitefoil aluminum of the market only 2,85 kg equipped with the wing GT is 150 grams of difference with a hydrofoil full house carbon

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