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Alpinefoil 5.0 Titanium

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Alpinefoil 5.0 Titanium

The Alpinefoil Titanium kitefoil system is built around our top-of-the-line RTeam carbon mast and wings, plus a unique ultra-slim titanium fuselage. Our RTeam components are all fabricated by hand in our workshop at the foot of the Alps and are even lighter and more rigid than our production components. The new 1 meter RTeam mast includes our unique S-bend Anti-Cavitation System to virtually eliminate mast cavitation and all the other features of our production carbon mast. The RTeam mast is mated to a new ultra-slim Titanium fuselage which is incredibly rigid and offers an even more efficient ride due to lower drag than our carbon or aluminium fuselages. The Titanium fuselage is equipped with the Alpinefoil RSS Reflex Stability System for ultimate stability and is hand polished and individually numbered by laser etching. The Titanium foil system comes with an RTeam rear stabilizer wing and your choice of RTeam carbon front wings (XLP, Sport, or GT Speed), as well as a set of 8 Galvanic Isolators with centering guide for electrically isolating the wings from the fuselage. The various isolators in the kit also allow you to adjust the angle of the wing you have mounted, making the system compatible with all Alpinefoil wings and any board. The Alpinefoil Ultimate mast is built with a male KF-Box mount, suitable for any Alpinefoil board. We have optional adaptors available so that you can mount the Titanium to a Tuttle, Pro box, or 4-bolt plate mounting. The Alpinefoil Titanium is our absolute best foil system, an ultra-premium, ultra-high performance foil for all riders – ride Titanium and ride the best!