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Alpine origin carbon 2018

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Deze complete foil van Alpine, hier hoef je alleen nog een board bij te kopen.
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Alpine origin carbon 2018

Origin, for whom ?

The beginners :

Highly accessible in its standard configuration or with a short mast, AlpineFoil Origin is the choice of novices who are looking for a very good product which remain accessible by the price. Its incomparable stability, its ultra-progressive take-off still under control, its sweet behavior and its low-range start make it an easy, pleasant and reassuring foil. Its GIS by AlpineFoil wedge system, will adjust its behavior to improve the back leg support and reduce stance (leg spacing) to facilitate control on the climb.

The confirmed ones:

The confirmed rider will enjoy sailing with a foil running on a very wide speed range, with extremely healthy behavior and will be able, if he wants, to evolve his mount towards different practices : wave, freestyle, freeride, race, speed crossing, windfoil , paddle ... thanks to the extensive range of AlpineFoil RTeam carbon fiber wings. Holds GIS by AlpineFoil will trim the foil so as to have symmetrical supports, stance medium, to improve comfort and handiness and facilitate the Airjibes.

Quality AlpineFoil, with small price

Strong of a huge experience in the hydrofoil univers, the brand AlpineFoil has considered the needs of the customers who wanted to have a made in France product with a price very accessible. We have then worked on a simplified product which will gives entire satisfaction to riders who are not looking for performance. 

Thus, the Origin fuselage is inspired from the Access V3 with a refined design. We find all the quality that made the success of AlpineFoil with a long fuselage which allow to multiply the efficiency of the stabilizer. Thanks to this stability, the pleasure is immediate and the capacity of the foil are fully useable. The Origin has also the reglex stability sytem. This technology has greatly contributed to Alpinefoil's success for more than 10 years. It automatically compensates the wing breaker torque according to thespeed. The foil is incredibly stable and its behavior remains chomogeneous across all speed ranges. Finaly, the fuselage of the origin is equiped with the AlpineFoil wing fixing system: The 4 threads are staggered to distribute the front wing supports on the fuselage as much as possible, ensuring the rigidity and cohesion of the set. The attachment of the wing is frank and solid, the foil responds faithfully to the solicitations of the pilot. This fuselage is equiped with a sacrificial anode which is the best mean to avoid corrosion on the foil

The Origin is sold with the new wing LIFT. This AlpineFoil wing have been designed to have a different bearing profile incidence between the center and the end of the wing. This particular feature of AlpineFoil wings provides high wing lift at low speed (thus high incidence) resulting in better control and stability beyond standard. With the increase of the speed (thus the decrease of the incidence), this effect gradually fades to decrease the wing load and to refocus the lift, which makes it possible to reach higher speeds while remaining extremely stable. This results in a greater speed range, and a very gradual stall.