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Appletree Appleflap noseless

Appletree Appleflap noseless

The Appleflap is a modern a approach to a more traditional wave kiteboard. Narrow tail with pinched rails for optimal control at high speeds and in bigger surf. With a decent amount of rocker so the board doesn’t nosedive when coming down a wave. A board designed for control when you need it most.

The advantages of having a noseless board are clear. It takes a bit of getting used to not seeing the pointy nose, but less weight, easy travel and a slightly looser feel make the noseless version a good option. The back 2/3 of the board are exactly the same as the normal Appleflap, including the rocker. We only added a slight flip in the stubby nose to prevent it from diving.



TIGHT ●●●●○
UPWIND ●●●●○
POCKET ●●●○○
ARC ●●●●●
WAVES ●●●●○


The Appleflap Noseless comes with the following options by default:

  • Standard color: Very White or Mellow Yellow
  • 3 fin boxes (FCS II or Futures)
  • Leash plug