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Appletree Klockhouse Noseless

Appletree Klockhouse Noseless
Levertijd Indien op voorraad bij de leverancier, levertijd 3 - 5 werkdagen
Appletree Klockhouse Noseless

The Klokhouse Noseless features all the advantages of the Klokhouse surf/kiteboard but in a smaller package.

By removing the nose of the board, it becomes slightly easier to throw around as there is less swing weight. Second traveling becomes easier as the boards will fit most kite bags. The overall performance of the board is almost identical to the normal Klokhouse

It’s like kitesurfing on your everyday surfboard. The same flex, weight and feel that everyone loves when surfing, now available in a board that can cope with the board abuse that kitesurfing brings.





TIGHT ●●●○○
UPWIND ●●●●○
POCKET ●●●○○
ARC ●●●●○
WAVES ●●●●○


The Klokhouse Noseless comes with the following options by default:

  • Standard color: Very White or Mellow Yellow
  • 3 fin boxes (FCS II or Futures)
  • Leash plug