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Core Section 3

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Core Section 3


Connect with every wave like never before.

Yes, you’re ready for a dedicated wave kite. A kite that stays out of your way when it's not needed and then comes alive when called upon. The updated Section 2 carries over its acclaimed reduced diameter ExoTex airframe, lightweight surf construction, and super quick reflexes from its predecessor. CORE’s no-stretch ExoTex incorporates a unique radial reinforcing thread that enables higher pressure airframes with smaller diameters. It improves airflow, drift stability relaunchability, and rider feedback by substantially increasing tube strength and rigidity despite reducing diameters.

Did we mention this drifting phenom's huge range complements foilboardingtoo? Its lightweight construction, nimble behavior, and reduced lateral forces make it an unexpectedly awesome foiling kite. It won't yank you off your board, and it zips through lulls. Yup, the Section 2 will amaze you with its foiling pedigree.

With effortless directional control and the right amount of pull, the new Section 2 keeps strapless riders upwind and on their board. Freestylers will love the confidence and in-air control to land those physics defying aerials. When it comes to waves, the Section 2 is ‘all in.’


  • ULTRA LIGHT FRAME: Super light yet amazingly rigid and durable.

  • SURF PROFILE: Wave tuned camber and aspect ratio.

  • EXOTEX® ULTRA RIGID DACRON: Zero stretch airframe.

  • CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP CANOPY: Extreme durability and UV protection.

  • FUTURE-C SHAPE: True C-kite feel. For snappy turns with a controlled and consistent pull.

  • RADICAL REACTION TIPS: C-style shaped wingtips for faster bar response.

  • SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM: Improved kite feedback.

  • CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM (CIT): Customizable “power steering” and turning speed.


  • SPEED VALVE 2: Quick, reduced effort inflation.

  • SPEED PUMP SYSTEM: Super fast all strut inflation.

  • SENSOR BAR READY: For maximum kite feedback and control pair this kite with a Sensor 2 or 2S bar.

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