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F-one IC6 V1 hydrofoil 90/850

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Deze Foil set is helaas tijdelijk uitverkocht.
F-one IC6 V1 hydrofoil 90/850

F-ONE’s unique experience in foiling has now been gathered into the most accessible and versatile package ever, combining early and super smooth take-off, impressive control and maneuverability, with the speed range that anyone should expect from a versatile foil.

  • Available with a 90cm or 65cm mast, the IC6 850 foil will please beginners and experienced riders alike. Choose the 65cm for a faster learning curve or the 90cm version for maximum versatility.
  • Besides early lift, the wing design offers a very smooth and predictable ride. The carving possibilities are endless on this very user-friendly package with maximum fun potential.
  • The construction focuses on reliability with aluminium used for the mast, mast foot, fuselage and front wing connector. The wings built in iC6 injected carbon are extremely resistant while providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

- Early and super smooth take off

- Very stable and predictable ride

- Amazing carving potential

- Versatile with great speed range

Click here to download the kitefoil manual.