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Harlem IPS bar

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Harlem IPS bar

The Harlem IPS Bar, integrated power system, is our innovative answer to the demand of kiters looking for something new. The bar features a new steering line trim system which replaces the traditional power line trim system. The steering line trim system adjusts the length of the steering lines relative to the front lines, in order to adjust the kite power to wind conditions and rider preference. The Harlem IPS bar features an ergonomically placed power and depower dial. Simply twist the dial to power up, and nudge it outward to depower. This allows you to keep the bar in both hands when depowering.

The adjustable sliding bar stopper can be adjusted while riding or on the beach. This means no more hassle with not reaching the bar shaft after letting go. On the other side, you can increase your depower-range by setting the bar stopper higher.

The IPS bar comes in one size with a bar width of 52cm.

The power line V split system allows you to customize the setup of the power line V in three ways. This is done by running one power line through the integrated inox steel rings.

This means that the bar matches any 4 line kite on the market.