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Manera magma 5.4.3. Women

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Super warm pak voor de dames in de winter ! Flexibel en warm , de laatste paar beschikbaar
Manera magma 5.4.3. Women

Infos & Characteristics

The MAGMA 5.4.3mm is the weapon of choice if you want to spend the whole winter on water. It is the suit we have used for our photoshootings in Iceland and Canada.

The Meteor Magma is built for the cold and windy days of winter. The Magma fleece is one of the best material out there: not only its plush loops work as effective insulators and heat generators while providing a smooth and soft feeling that makes the suit incredibly comfortable, but it is manufactured to be extremely flexible to keep even the thickest suit very stretchy. It is the wetsuit of your choice if you don’t want to stay home during winter sessions.