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Mystic 2017 Elevate Boardbag Black

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Mystic 2017 Elevate Boardbag Black


The Elevate boardbag is made of a lightweight coated nylon ripstop fabric and weighs a mere 2.2 KG. The bag is extremely light while not compromising the bags strength. And if you are just a bit overweight at the check-in counter you are able to remove the wheel system and place the wheels in your hand baggage! The Elevate boardbag has a lot of storage space to bring all your gear and yet it can be reduced to the tiniest package size for convenient storage at your destination.


- Compact storage system
- Protective padding on the critical parts
- Detachable wheel system 
- Lightweight construction (more weight left for actual gear)
- Air ventilation
- Secure Straps
- Front and back carry straps
- Big compartment