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Naish Triad 2021

The Right Kite For 99% Of The World’s Population

The Triad is intuitive and stable with true sheet-in-and-go power and forgiving steering that does not overreact, making it very comfortable and easy to fly.

Whether it’s a new rider just starting, finding a place in the waves, learning kite loops, foiling, or just want to become a better rider, the Triad is a true all-arounder.

Key features:

  • Forgiving Control and Handling
  • Great sheet-in-and-go
  • Super Easy Jumps
  • Consistent & Predictable Powe
  • rEffortless Water Relaunch


  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric: Stiffest, strongest canopy material on the market
  • Shark Teeth Trailing Edge: Reduces weight while minimizing & dispersing canopy flutter_
  • SureLock Valve: Streamlined valve + pump hose locks to valve
  • One Point Inflation System with 9 mm Hoses: Super easy inflation & deflation of kite
  • Bladder Lock: Secures bladders ends and prevents slippage
  • Anti-Stiction Window: Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly
  • Molded Strut Ends: Reinforcements protect the struts
  • Diagonal Load Seam: Distributes kite tension for a powerful and balanced kite
  • Aramid Patches: Protects and reinforces the seams
  • HT Plus: This high-tensile thread fortifies the leading edge along the seam, so you can confidently inflate to higher pressure for better flying characteristics.
  • Airmax Pump: (Sold Separately) Quality high pressure pump with gauge.
  • Triad Bag
  • Luff Strut: Adaptable framework provides low-end power

Sizes: 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 14