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Surf ears junior

Surfears junior
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Surf ears junior

Junior is an earplug developed for children, keeping their ears safe while being able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in water.


Kids love water – surfing, swimming or playing around in the water with friends. But did you know that nearly four out of ten kids suffer from pain or discomfort in their ears during water activities? Even worse – serious problems like recurring ear inflammations, bone growth in the ear canal and potential hearing loss, could be just a few years away?


More importantly, did you know that you can help your children prevent these issues by ensuring they wear ear plugs?


The problem with most ear plugs is that they reduce your ability to hear and communicate with people around you, which is why a lot of kids won’t wear them.

This is why we created JUNIOR – an ear plug specifically developed for children, keeping their ears safe while being able to hear, speak and enjoy their time in water. By reducing exposure to water in the ear canal, JUNIOR helps minimize the risk of future ear problems.


Smaller size, all the benefits


LETS SOUND IN – JUNIOR allows your child to hear and communicate freely while having a more relaxed and joyful time in the water. Whether parent or swim coach, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate these benefits too.


KEEPS WATER OUT – Keeps your child’s ears protected from cold or contaminated water, debris and bacteria. Helps prevent common ear problems like ear inflammation, surfer’s ear and swimmer’s ear by reducing contact with water.


GREAT COMFORT – Made from soft and skin safe medical grade silicone, JUNIOR ear plugs are so comfortable that you’ll quickly forget you’re even wearing them.


SECURE FIT – Equipped with a safety cord, JUNIOR ear plugs are securely attached to one another and can easily be attached to your wetsuit, swim goggles, rash guard or worn as a necklace. No more lost plugs.


What the pros say


“This is truly a revolutionary product. Keeping the ear canal open and dry while swimming has changed my feel for the water, the added bonus of being able to hear clearly while submerged will help triathletes relax and be more aware while in open water” – Dave Scott, 6 times Iron Man World Champion and SwimEars Ambassador


“My advice to young surfers and swimmers – wear ear plugs! Multiple ear infections and exostosis in both ears forced me to go through two terrible operations to drill out my ear canals. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone!” – Dave Scott, 6 times Iron Man World Champion and SwimEars Ambassador


How does it work?


JUNIOR is built with our proven, patent pending technology from SurfEars and SwimEars, leader in ear protection for water sports and used by thousands of surfers and swimmers around the world.

The acoustic mesh is made from polyester filaments only a few microns thick and woven to a fabric finer than silk. Microscopic pores together with hydrophobically coated fibers ensure the mesh is both dust and water proof, keeping your kid’s ears safe from the elements.

With its open structure, air and sound waves can flow freely through the mesh, providing a better hearing experience than any other ear plug on the market.


Proven performance


The human ear is designed to naturally amplify frequencies around 2-4 kHz, i.e. human speech. When using ear plugs in general you fill out the void in your outer ear and remove most of this natural amplification.

You’ll notice this as the surrounding sounds becoming muffled and unclear. With close to zero attenuation at 2-4 kHz, JUNIOR’s acoustic core is designed to partly restore these ”lost” frequencies, resulting in clearer hearing and easier communication for your child.

About Ear Labs


We’re Ear Labs and in 2014 we launched our first product, SurfEars, on Kickstarter. The world’s first ear plug to protect your ears without affecting your hearing, SurfEars has been a huge hit among surfers around the world.

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