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CORE Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

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CORE Sensor 2S Pro Control Bar

  • CERAMIC UNTWIST: frictionless, ceramic bearings that untwist front lines

  • S-SLIDE / DEPOWER LINES: really durable, self-lubricating, no pinch, no stretch, depower line

  • S-NECK: routes the depower lines for perfectly symmetric pulling forces. Smoother, front line, untwist. And zero unwanted leverage

  • VARIO LINES: 24, 22, 20, and 18m freely adjustable.

  • 210g UNIBODY BAR: light and easy steering with high definition feedback

  • TITANIUM CORE: extremely stiff and optimized power flow

  • SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF): prevents line twisting and quicker positioning to the perfect re-launch position

  • ROTOR Quickrelease: easy and reliable release in every situation

  • SENSOR ADJUSTER: easy and finely adjustable trimming

  • SPLICED ENDS: super robust spliced line ends

  • VARIO WIDTH: one bar for all kite sizes

  • EXCHANGEABLE BAR INSERTS: super easy depower and protection for your lines

  • SHORT SAFETY LEASH: safer and more comfortable

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